What Is the Proper Warm-Up?

FasterSkierNovember 7, 2008

The October 31st edition of the New York Times included an article by GRETCHEN REYNOLDS titled “Stretching: The Truth.” This piece examines stretching as part of a warm-up for exercise and presents significant evidence that static stretching not is not helpful, it may actually be harmful to performance. While focusing predominantly on sports like tennis and golf, the studies referenced are more general. Reynolds presents dynamic stretching as an alternative that is shown to increase muscle performance and aid in injury prevention. This concept is not ground breaking, and many athletes are familiar with it, but the article provides a nice overview of scientific research supporting the practice.

Several dynamic warm-up exercises are described and links to specific routines are provided.

Reynolds also brings up the need for aerobic activity as part of the warm-process. Athletes often warm-up too early and too vigorously. As the ski racing season approaches, it is a good time to examine your own warm-up routine – both for races and training, and be sure you are making smart decisions.

Read the article:
Stretching: The Truth


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