Kalla to Miss Tour

FasterSkierDecember 27, 2008

Charlotte Kalla, 21, has a cold and will miss Tour de Ski that started today in Oberhof, Germany.

– I was hoping that I could come to start but unfortunately I have to cancel. The cough is obstinate, says the regnant queen of Tour de Ski.

It was after a training pass on Sunday that Charlotte felt an irritation in her throat. It was cold outside and because of that she thought it was just the cold.

But when she woke up on Monday she was not well. She coughed and had phlegm in her throat, training was cancelled. And on Tuesday it was even worse.

– It is just a normal cold. I have no fever, but the cough is obstinate. You can not ski when you feel like this, says Charlotte.

– I was focused on Tour de Ski and I am trained to perform there. It feels surly to not be there and fight in the World Cup competitions. Now I have to focus on getting well as quick as possible.

What happens next she does not know.

– I will take one day at the time; I do not know when I can compete again. Now I have to focus on World Championships in Liberec I February. That is the goal for this season, and I hope I will stay healthy and in good shape.

Charlotte Kalla has to follow the Tour de Ski on the TV instead.

– I will wish for luck and scream at the Swedish athletes as well as I can with my throat…

Source: Swedish Ski Federation www.skidor.com


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