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FasterSkierDecember 25, 2008


It has been four years since the release of American Skier, but the X Ski Films crew is back with their latest installment of cross-country skiing action.

“A Day In The Life…” gives the viewer a front row seat to the Nordic World Cup with the loud in-your-face style X Ski Films is known for. With World Cup footage from Germany, Canada, and Russia and interviews from North America’s top racers, “A Day In The Life…” provides a light-hearted look into the minds of some of the sports fastest racers including Chris Cook, Chandra Crawford, Devon Kershaw, Drew Goldsack, Andrew Newell, and more.

“The big focus of this movie is to provide the viewer with high quality World Cup footage,” says director Andrew Newell. “That’s why this time around we only used official FIS World Cup Footage for the racing segments. That’s what people need to see. Here in the US we don’t get to tune in and watch the World Cup on TV each weekend like the rest of the world. It took a while to acquire the rights to the footage, but it was worth the wait because it puts you right in the action from the start line to every finishing lunge. The World Cup tour is massive and exciting, and it is where our country’s top skiers get the chance prove themselves each week. That’s why this film is called A day In The Life… It will give the viewer a look at the level of competition these athletes deal with all winter long.”

And the tricks?

“Our focus with X Ski Films has always been on the racing side of cross-county skiing, but we can’t put out a movie without a little fooling around in there. It’s a short segment, but there is still some jumping. I really wanted to take the opportunity to show the young skiers in North America what the level of World Cup ski racing looks like on TV. This DVD could be used as a great tool for coaches to show their young athletes the speed and technique needed to win at the top level. And this is X Ski Films we’re talking about, so if you don’t like loud music, bring your ear plugs.”

The Athletes?

“The interviews in the movie are pretty random. We wanted to keep it relaxed and fun so it’s a lot of rough-cut footage of our world cup skiers answering questions about racing, but also about themselves. A lot of the questions are meant to catch the athletes off guard so you can an idea of who they are behind ski goggles.”

This is the third cross-country ski film released by Andy Newell’s X Ski Films label, following “Generation X-Ski” (2002) and “American Skier” (2004). “A Day In The Life…” is scheduled for release on December 29th and will be available from the new FasterSkier store.

For more information on X Ski Films and the earlier movies, visit http://www.xskifilms.com/


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