By The Numbers

doogiskiMarch 26, 2009

262 800: Swiss francs Dario Cologna won in prize money
227 000: Swiss francs Petra Majdic won in prize money
11 215: Amount of prize money Alex Harvey won in only 10 races entered this year
6 500: Amount of prize money Devon Kershaw won in 23 races entered this year
2 659: World Cup points Norway beat Finland by to win the Nations Cup
287: World Cup points that Alex Harvery collected this year in 10 races, 4 of them, the maximum points available was 50 instead of the usual 100.
183: Male athletes that featured in the top 30 in World Cup races this year from 19 countries
130: Female athletes that featured in the top 30 in World Cup races this year from 20 countries
100: World Cup points Kowalczyk beat Majdic by for the overall title
37: Overall placing Dario Cologna had in the 2007-2008 season
36: Biggest volume week Kris Freeman put in this year in hours
20: World Cup point difference between Piller-Cottrer and Cologna for the distance Crystal Globe
11: More races Pietro Piller Cottrer entered than Ola Vigen Hattestad and still finished behind Hattestad in the overall title by 18 points
10: World Cup sprint podiums Petra Majdic had this season
9: World Cup podiums Axel Teichmann earned this season
8: Overall World Cup placing for 20 year old Therese Johaug
7: More individual podiums Aino Kaisa Saarinen had this year than the year prior
6: World Cup sprints Ola Vigen Hattestad won this season
5: Overall World Cup position for Lukas Bauer after being on the podium only twice this year
4: Medals that Canadian men won this year
3: Gold medals Petter Northug won in Liberec
2: World Cup races Justyna Kowalcyzk failed to enter all season (out of 33)
1: More year until the 2010 Olympics