Spring time!

FasterSkierApril 6, 2009

I arrived home about a week ago after two long days of travel from Russia.  For the past week I have been catching up on some much needed sleep and recovery.  After traveling across 13 time zones in the last three weeks, I was definitely feeling a little worn out.

Just as last year, I ended my season on a good note and finished with my best two results of the season (8th and 9th) in the last two world cups.  With a strong final two weeks, I was able to climb back into the top 30 and I ended the season ranked 25th in the overall world cup.  After my sickness and lack of form during the beginning of the season, I was very happy to finish in 25th.  Although it was great to climb back into the top 30, I definitely need to make some adjustments to have a better start if I want to reach my goal of finishing in the top-ten someday.

After every season my coaches and I go through a very thorough evaluation of the season.  These evaluations are absolutely crucial to ensure that I progress as an athlete.  I have made big jumps in the past three years but I will need to continue to improve in order to reach my goals.  I have established myself as a solid top 30 racer on the world cup by finishing in the top 30 for the past three seasons.  I have been knocking on the door of a podium finish for three years now and it’s time to take that next step.  I am super motivated to improve and I have a great team supporting me.  We will be working harder than ever this coming season to make that next jump!

With my results from this season I pre-qualified for next nears Olympic Games.  This was really important for me because now I can concentrate 100% for my Olympic preparations and I don’t have to worry about qualifying for the team.  Already all of my efforts, along with my coaches, are going towards having the best Olympics possible.

As for now, I have a couple more weeks of recovery with no scheduled training.  These breaks in the spring are very important for both a physical and a mental break.  I am enjoying my down time but I have to admit that I am already looking forward to getting back to work in a few weeks!

Thanks for checking in!