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FasterSkierMay 16, 20092

For more information on the NENSA Elite and Development Teams, including selection criteria and benefits visit:

2009-2010- Elite team Nominees

Parker Tyler- Univ of Utah
Adele Espy- Maine Coast Nordic
Megan Killigrew- Stratton
Keely Levins- Mtn Top Noridc
Kaitlynn Miller- Craftsbury
Kristen Halvorsen – Green Mtn Valley School
Sophie Caldwell –Dartmouth
Stephanie Crocker- Dartmouth
Elise Moody-Roberts- Middlebury
Hilary Rich- Sratton/CSU (ADC Discretion)
Ida Sargent— Dartmouth (ADC discretion)
Chase Marston –Middlebury
Graham Egan – Middlebury
Sam Tarling- Burke
Ethan Dreissigacker –Craftsbury
Nick Michaud – MaineWinter Sports Center
Skyler Davis – Stratton
David Sinclair – – Green Mtn Valley School
Eric Packer- Dartmouth
Dylan Grald – – Green Mtn Valley School
Alex Howe – UVM (ADC Discretion )

Rosie Brennan -Dartmouth
Caitlin Patterson – UVM
Jennie Bender – UVM
Hannah Dreissigacker- Dartmouth
Lucy Garrec, Colby
Elsa Sargent- (ADC Discretion)
Susan Dunklee- (ADC discretion)
Alice Nelson –Williams (ADC discretion)
Simi Hamilton – Middlebury
**Jurguen Uhl- UVM (Foreign Athlete-does not displace)
Patrick O’Brien- Dartmouth
Dakota Blackhorse Von Jess- Dartmouth
Franz Bernstein- UVM
Glenn Randall- dartmouth
Patrick Johnson- Middlebury (ADC Discretion)
Kevin Cutts- NMU (ADC Discretion)
Ben True- Dartmouth (ADC Discretion)
Tim Reynolds- Middlebury / Craftsbury (ADC Discretion)

David Chamberlain – Maine Winter Sports Center
Justin Freeman- Saab-Salomon Factory Team/Holderness (ADC Discretion)

Liz Stephen –USST/Burke
Morgan Smyth- USST/NMU
Kris Freeman – USST
Andy Newell – USST

Note: (Team nominees must sign the NENSA Elite Team committment form to become an Elite Team Member).

2009-2010 Development Team Members

Corinne Prevot-J1, Burke
Isabel Caldwell-J1, SMS
*Olga Golovinka -J1, CSU ( Does not displace US Skiers)
Heidi Caldwell-J1, Ford Sayre
Jane McClelland-J1, Burke
Gage Fichter , J1, SMS
Sophie McClelland-OJ, Middlebury
Ericka Flowers-OJ, Dartmouth
Karmen WHitham-OJ, SMS
Natalie Ruppertsberger -OJ, Bates
Kaitlyn Bernard, -OJ, MWSC
Jake Barton-J1, Craftsbury
Austin Cobb-J1, SMS
Peter Hegman-J1, Mansfield Nordic
Doug amos-J1, SMS
Chris Stock-J1, CSU
Steven Bedard-OJ, UNH
*Dimitri Luethi (foreign)-OJ, Williams   (Does not displace US Skiers)
Harrison Harb-OJ, UNH
Keith Kantack-OJ, Williams
Evan Dethier- OJ, WIlliams
Noah Brutigam- OJ, Middlebury

Kathleen Maynard, Colby
Robyn Anderson, Middlebury
Marljine Cook, UNH
Kirsten Gill, Bates
Katie Bono, Dartmouth
Nils Koons- Dartmouth
Samuel Evens-Brown, Bates
Sylan Ellefson, Bates
Dylan McGuffin-UNH
Matt Briggs-Colby

Lauren Jacobs, Craftsbury Green Team
Alex Jospe, CSU
Jess Snyder- NY, JLS Sports (Mid A-does not displace New England skiers)
Eli Enman, Rossignol
Fred Bailey, MWSC
Ryan Kerrigan, UVM
Jake Hollenbach, Northwest Vermont

Corey Stock, CSU
Heather Mooney, SMS
Tara Geragthy-Moats, Craftsbury
Rachel Hall, SMS
Cambria McDermott, SMS
Isabelle Pelletier, SMS
*Elena Luethi- GMVS, (Foreign athlete Does not displace)
Jackson Rich, CSU
Hans Hdavalvorsen, GMVS
Patrick Caldwell, Ford Sayre
Jack Hegman, Mansfield Nordic
Eli Hoenig CSU
Sam Humphries, Maine Coast Nordic

Kristen Bednar, SLU
Sarah Wright, UNH
Wyatt Fereday, Colby


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  • crashtestxc

    May 16, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Isn’t the point of an elite/devo program to have a select group of skiers?! Congrats on trying to get exposure through Fasterskier, but when you name so many people to a team it just appears excessive and pointless.

  • rbradlee

    May 17, 2009 at 11:23 am

    NENSA has reasonably tough standards for making its team:

    New England is just blessed with many good skiers. Along with public recognition, being named to these teams gives athletes access to special training camps. The point of naming all these people is that we want to reach all the skiers who have demonstrated top level ability by meeting the criteria.

    Rob Bradlee

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