10 Austrians Indicted in Doping Probe

FasterSkierJune 7, 20091

The Associated Press has reported that ten current and former members of the Austrian Ski Federation have been indicted by Italian prosecutors for violating Italy’s anti-doping law during the 2006 Olympics in Torino.

Markus Gandler, the federation’s biathlon sports director, told the Austria Press Agency Saturday that those indicted by Turin prosecutors include himself, former Austria coach Walter Mayer and federation president Peter Schroecksnadel.

The other individuals to be indicted are former cross-country coach Emil Hoch, doctor Peter Baumgartl, former biathletes Wolfgang Perner and Wolfgang Rottmann, and cross-country skiers Martin Tauber, Johannes Eder and Juergen Pinter.

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  • Martin Hall

    June 8, 2009 at 8:09 am

    The problem with all of this is that it could have been stopped in the beginning, very easily, with life time bans for the coaches and the athletes and the life time loss of licenses to practice for any medical professionals involved.
    All the SPORT POLITICIANS, who through out the 70s, 80s and 90s, let this situation get out of control, were still too WIMPY to shut the door when setting up WADA and it’s anti-doping program, by not imposing a lifetime ban rather then the little tap on the hand 2 year ban. Too many people, athletes, coaches, therapists and doctors are still willing to take a chance, so it shows the penalty is way too lenient. Look at Kuitenen–served her 2 year ban and is now back earning thousands of dollars—that is wrong—she is a cheater and a liar.
    To say these indictments and court actions are politically motivated by the Italians is erroneous as the Italian judicial system is bound by law to pursue these criminals. And hurray for them!!! Now to get more of the other nation’s judicial systems in the world to do the same—make this a crime.
    The old Italian coach Vanoi was quoted as saying, a few years ago, that they don’t use PEDs anymore because you can go to jail for doping.

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