Eldar Rønning Reacts to Kuitunen’s Microchip Idea

FasterSkierJuly 2, 2009

Eldar Rønning (NOR) told adressa.no that he would stop racing if he was required to implant a tracking device for anti-doping purposes.  Finnish star Virpi Kuitunen put forward the idea last week.

“It works fine as it is today,” said  Rønning.  “It is very simple and uncluttered.

“We are already available once a day.  This proposal completely violates privacy and treats us as prisoners in a jail.”

It is unlikely that anything will come of Kuitunen’s proposal, so Rønning doesn’t have to worry.  However, many athletes disagree with the Norwegian’s assessment of the current system.  Everyone from star Rafael Nadal to top US swimmers have complained, and apparently the website used for updates is cumbersome and finicky.  WADA is currently working to improve the reliability, especially in regards to updates from mobile devices.

Sources: Langrenn.com, Adressa.no


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