WADA: New Anti-Doping Books for Children Available

FasterSkierJuly 29, 2009
Always Picked Last
Always Picked Last

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has partnered with Chooseco, a publisher of interactive children’s books, to publish two titles focused on good decision-making and sport values.

The objective of the books is to present the reader with difficult, realistic decisions in competitive sports, including choices about doping and cheating. The title aimed at younger readers (Always Picked Last) examines issues of cheating. The multiple choices in each title lead to multiple endings.

Track Star
Track Star

In Track Star – for readers aged 12 years and older – the reader is the main character, a talented young runner who believes that their only shot at a university education is through an athletic scholarship. As the pressure mounts, the reader is led to question whether cutting corners using performance-enhancing substances or supplements would be worth the risk. As he or she seeks advice from coaches, teammates, friends and even parents, the story is brought down different paths.

In Always Picked Last – for readers 8-12 years of age – the reader is a young elf who is always picked last. The main idea of the book is that it is possible to gain confidence by being good at something that no one else does.

These two books are available now in English and French. Please click here for further information.

Source: FIS


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