August camp is over

FasterSkierAugust 22, 2009

Well, the CXC Team Vertical Limit has just wrapped up an awesome camp in Ironwood, Michigan.  In order to convince the reader of the awesome-ness of this camp, I am going to recount, in my opinion, ”The Top-10 Reasons Why August Camp Was Awesome.”

10.  Homemade pasta dinner.  Nothing like combining carbo-loading with a cultural experience.

9.  OD rollerski in Porcupine State park. Beuatiful scenery, wide open road, and Lake Superior waiting at the end.CIMG2407ed

8. Eating watermelon sitting on top of a waterfall.  CIMG2415

7. Pasty (rhymes with nasty, but are quite the opposite) dinner.  The pasties came with three 12-oz complimentary bottles of ketchup.  We killed them all.

6. 16% grade.CIMG2417

5. Learning that “I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back” might not be such an exaggeration after all.Picture 088ed

4.  Bee stings, poison ivy, and road rash.  I may be the only person who escaped all of the above (knock on wood).  Most people experienced two of the above and some even got all three.

3. Track intervals on the square track in Bessemer.  This thing seriously had 4 turns and it took the group the first couple of intervals to determine whether it was 400 meters or 400 yards long.

2.  No one on the team was carried away by mosquitoes.  In fact, no one even had to get the bug spray out.

1. Lake Superior: the world’s largest fresh-water ice bath.

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