Chicken Bingo

FasterSkierAugust 24, 2009

I enjoy a game of Chicken Bingo. I have never been much for gambling, but as far back as I can remember I have enjoyed this game

mother's day 126

My brother and Me placing our bets

For those of you unfamiliar with the game here are the rules:

mother's day 107

How it Works:

  • Squares are sold for 50 cents. 
  • If the chicken poops on your square you win $10. 
  • There is one winner per card, leave your contact info and we will let you know if you win

The Rules: 

  1. There are no ties, the most poop wins.
  2. The judge makes the final decision. 
  3. You may talk to the chicken but you can’t touch the cage or the chicken. 
  4. Anyone can play.

mother's day 128

Cheering is a big part of the fun. mother's day 130

My brother Chad was one of the day’s big winners

Chicken Bingo is a great way to attract people to any booth at a fair, festival or expo.  This particular contest is part of the Methow Conservancy booth at Wintrhop, WA 49ers Day.  Stop by the CXC booth at next years Birkie Expo to see if we brought chickens. 

My workout on Sunday ended short after I took a spill mountain biking. Thankfully I had my Rudy Project helmet on.  The impact was great enough that my helmet cut into my forehead and cracked.  I still have a small headache which makes me belive I had a minor concussion.  In case you were wondering, my ‘concussion’ photo saved right next to my ‘chickenBingo’ folder and I though those pictures were more entertaining. 


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