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Train WreckAugust 4, 20091

Kristin Størmer Steira

Original Source: (03-08-2009 Author: Ivar Haugen, Translated by Patrick Stinson)

(Kristin Størmer Steira is a member of the Norwegian national cross country ski team and recently won the 5000 meter run at the Norwegian National Track and Field Championships on Sunday)

Norwegian Women’s Trainer Egil Kristiansen is adamant about the fact that Størmer Steira should start prioritizing strength and ski-specific training.

Kristin Størmer Steira ran a 16.01,76 to win the 5000 meters at Norwegian nationals on Sunday. Despite starting to get a whiff of the A-requirement for next year’s European Championships (a time of 15.50), Størmer Steira insists that running is a lower priority than skiing. This is also demanded by Egil Kristiansen, according to Norwegian news paper Nettavisen.

“Kristin’s goal to be faster in the sprint. It means that she must prioritize strength training, and it is not what is most ideal in terms of running on the track,” says Kristiansen to Nettavisen.


He is also aware that it is not appropriate for Steira to drop the normal ski-related training in the spring in order to be in top shape for the European Track Championships.

“A commitment to the European Championships will eventually become part of the training for the Oslo World Cup. It must come as it comes, it is not a priority,” states Kristiansen to the newspaper.

Nevertheless, he is positive about the combination of track running and athletics for Steira.

“Kristin thinks it’s very fun to run on the track, and it gives her a lot of extra motivation through the summer training, “says Egil Kristiansen.

Kristin Størmer Steira in the NM 5000m

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  • 32degrees

    August 5, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    her time of 16:01 would have won the NCAA division 1 women’s outdoor track and field race by a handy 10+ seconds. Stiera is FAST… on skis AND on the track.

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