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FasterSkierAugust 18, 2009


My dad, Dan and me

My dad, Dan and me road biking last week in Minnesota

After level 4 ski walking intervals at Marquette Mountain this past Wednesday Dan and I drove to my parent’s house in Minnesota. I spent the next 4 days training twice a day in 90 degree heat but it was AWESOME. Summer in Marquette so far has been pretty cool so it was a nice change. Last week was a big volume week and the training around my parent’s house is great with tons of options for rollerskiing, running and biking. 


Here is what last week’s training looked like-

Monday- off

Tueaday- am- run and strength    pm- distance skate rollerski

Wednesday- am- ski walking and bounding L4 intervals   pm-drive to MN

Thursday- am-distance classic rollerski    pm-distance skate rollerski

Friday- am-distance skate rollerski    pm-distance road bike

Saturday- am- L4 running intervals at Afton State Park   pm-distance classic rollerski

Sunday- am-over distance classic rollerski

Total hours for the Week- 18:45

This week is a medium hour week (between 14 and 16 hours) with a level 3 interval session on Wednesday and a 3km running time trial on Saturday with the NMU cross country running team and the ski team. 

Its hard to believe that I am now in the 5th month of training for the 2009/2010 season. Things are going well. I feel strong and fit and I am having FUN. 


My mom and I biking in Stillwater, MN



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