FasterSkierAugust 14, 2009

By Maria Stuber

After James and Kelly’s wedding in Colorado, I had a pretty bad ankle role and couldn’t train for a couple days.  Bryan Cook and I spent some time in Boulder where our good friends Shane Mundt and Tami Kochen took excellent care of us.  Shane made us tons of good food.  There was lots of fishing and shooting guns.  We played horseshoes, had campfires, and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.  We also saw the new GI-Joe movie and met the newlyweds in Breckenridge where we stayed at the Ahern’s house.  Tami, Bryan, James, Kelly, Kyle and Kevin Ahern did a 10 K running race at 12,000 feet.  We also met Kelly’s Brother and sister-in-law (Ryan and Annie) in Denver to watch the Rockies play the Cubs.  Getting tickets was a little harder than we expected so the girls got into the game while the boys watched from a bar across the street.  We felt pretty bad leaving them, but our tickets were just a few rows behind the Cubs dugout.

ST blog 10

Ramen by Chef Shane

ST blog 5

Bryan shooting skeet after a run

ST blog 4

Maria shooting skeet

ST blog 20

Bryan and James throwing shoes

ST blog 15

cooking sausages on the campfire

ST blog 11

Bryan and Shane playing GI-Joe before seeing the movie

ST blog 17

Our crew at the Breckenridge trail running race

ST blog 22

A pack of runners at the start (Bryan is in there somewhere)

ST blog 13

Kelly, Maria, Tami and Annie behind the Cubs dugout at Coors Stadium

During the first week of our Colorado trip we did a bunch of trail running and hiking.   I took a few days off after my ankle role, but I was soon able to put on a ski boot and double pole.  I had never roller skied out west before and the scenery was amazing.  In Boulder, we went up the Left Hand Canyon where you need to ski up and drive down.  Climbing for two hours is certainly not easy at that altitude.  We also did an out and back near the Eldora downhill ski area, and used a gorgeous bike path in Breckenridge.  I really enjoyed skiing with Tami again.  We had a blast.

ST blog 21

Tami and Maria on a roller ski

ST blog 23

Does this look funny to anyone else?

ST blog 18

double poleing near Eldora

ST blog 16

icing the bad ankle

Before heading back to Marquette, Bryan and I spent the night at the Eloranta residence in Pewaukee, WI.  We went to one of my high school friend’s weddings on Saturday night, and went for a long roller ski on Sunday morning.  It was super hot and humid; however, we were still able to recruit some friends to come along.  One of my best buddies, Shane Hoelz, was home from dental school and joined us for half of the roller ski, and my little brother Thomas came all the way from Madison to roller ski with us in the heat.  We were very temped to stay in Waukesha Sunday night to check out the Wisconsin State Fair with the Hoelz family but we had to get back to Marquette for work.  Fortunately, Shane said that the chocolate covered bacon wasn’t as good as it sounds.

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