Rolling the Roads of Lake Placid, NY with US Ski Team’s Torin Koos

FasterSkierOctober 12, 2009

Video by the US Ski Team’s Torin Koos – Double Pole and Class Stride.  Be sure to read the commentary below the video by US Ski Team Coach Justin Wadsworth.

Commentary from Justin Wadsworth

On the Double Pole Sections:
This video footage was taken while doing Vo2 max work during an intensity block in Lake placid, New york. In the double poling, I want to see Torin stay forward with upperbody. With the group sprint shot, we’re working on skiing relaxed and fast in tight spaces. Double Poling power, going fast, this is translated from the weight room to the ski trails. We’re doing heavy lifts with fast movements, followed by contrast strength. This means higher reps during the contrast phase on the Concept2 machine. We’re always after very fast muscle contractions and carrying over gains from the strength room and in training into ski racing.

On the Classic Striding:

Like most times, the video flattens out the terrain. In most of these shots, we’re skiing the steepest paved terrain we can find ~ up to 15 to 16 percent here. Torin’s keeping a nice quick tempo while keeping the pace controlled. I like to remind Torin to relax the shoulders and always kick off the ball of the foot. These are two keys to skiing fast during the winter.

Torin Koos
Torin Koos

Torin Koos is a member of the National A Team for the United States. A World Cup, World Championship and Olympic competitor, Koos brings this experience to the FasterSkier sportscasting arena for the 2009/2010 season.

Equipment: Rossignol Skis, Boots and Bindings, Toko gloves and wax, Marwe, Exel poles, Rudy Project Eyewear, Rossignol Softgoods

Home Ski Club: Leavenworth Winter Sports Club ( )

Headgear Sponsor: USA Pears ( )

Best Western Icicle Inn ( )

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