The Chopping Block

FasterSkierOctober 26, 2009

Sometimes, at the end of the season, old Bessie needs to get taken for one last gallop through the fields, then she gets brought out behind the barn.  In this case, I took my trusty steed out for a four-hour Epic on the new CAMBA single-track with Gregg, Campbell, and Jackson.  It was everything a mountain bike could hope for: muddy and fast.  Afterwards, it was time for the Chopping Block.

I brought my bike and new poles over to the shop this afternoon.  Had to clean up my ride for the season and get my new poles cut for the winter.  All CXC skiers will be sporting Swix poles for the 09/10 season.  Our old One Way poles (which I was very happy with) will be donated to the new CXC Adaptive Program, giving more people the opportunity to get out and experience Nordic skiing – pretty cool.  I’m psyched about our new Swix poles, especially since they make a 180cm skate pole for all of us tall dudes.  New Moon’s shop was made for working on both bikes and skis, which meant doing a professional job on both projects.  Don’t worry, old Bessie will live to die another day.  She’s in her stall with a fresh coat of oil and bucket full of oats.