I’m out in Utah right now at our last dry-land training camp of the year.  Training has been going really well but I have also been super busy.  Olympic years are always a little different in that we have a lot more responsibilities to the media and the Olympic Committee.  This is actually just a big a excuse for why I have not been updating more frequently…

While most other Nordic training sites have been reporting snow over the last few weeks, we have been getting sun and 70-degree weather. This is exactly why we are here in October.  Besides the sun, the venue here is also a great place for us to make our final preparation for the winter.  The high altitude combined with the tough tracks definitely makes for some intense workouts.

In other exciting news, I have also ordered a new camera!  Hopefully I can hang onto this one for more than a year… I hope to have some Utah training pics up soon!  Thanks for checking in.