BKL at SkiErg Sprints

FasterSkierNovember 18, 2009

IMG_1882Our BKL practice on Saturday was to participate in the 1st annual SkiErg sprints here in Craftsbury. It turned out to be a great day for an indoor workout because the remnants of Hurricane Ida were moving through and we were getting hit with heavy rains. The older kids did the 1 km distance two times while the younger ones warmed up and did it once. All of the kids finished the workout with a few 1 minute pieces. I think the adults that showed up for the race were impressed with our BKL kids, many stood by to cheer them on. It was a tough workout as our skiers quickly discovered that it’s possible to push much harder on a SkiErg than other mediums, especially when your coach is standing over your shoulder trying to get you to stay under a certain pace. The kids did a great job!

Xav part way through his 1 km.

Xav part way through his 1 km.