Day 2

FasterSkierNovember 4, 2009

It didn’t get nearly as warm as forecasted today – we probably have the high clouds to thank for that – and the forecast is now a lot more favorable. I’m quite confident we’ll be on good skis for the rest of the week. This morning it was klister covered at Sovereign Lakes. It’s getting a little granular and greasy over there, but it’s still really good skiing. The real bonus though was this afternoon at Silver Star. Marshall and I decided to try to explore the knoll a little on the way to the mountain trails and we never made it to the mountain. The Pisten Bully and tiller were out – and the skiing was pretty good. It was a bit soft (the daytime grooming may have prevented it from setting up perfectly) and a little dirty, but otherwise pretty much perfect. With the knoll open we now have two sets of legit ski trails to train on. Hard to argue with that.

My camera battery is struggling. I’m going to try to coax a few shots out of it tomorrow.