Eldar Rønning Has Swine Flu

Train WreckNovember 4, 20091

Eldar Rønning

(Original Source: langrenn.com 11-4-2009, Translated by Patrick Stinson)

Norway’s Eldar Rønning came home from the Norwegian National Team’s altitude camp on Friday. When he got back he was looking forward to some training on his home trails, but in reality he got something entirely different.

“On Saturday evening I started to get a bit of a sore throat, and on Sunday was in pretty bad shape. Then I was sent home to Skogn so as not to infect my three-month-old little girl,” he wrote on his website.

Swine Flu in Norway comes with mandatory hospital time.

“On Monday I took tests to check if it was Swine Flu and today (Wednesday) the answer came back positive.”

Rønning chooses to look positively on the situation.

“My overall condition is bad, but now at least I don’t have to worry about vaccination,” he concludes.



What’s the story on Swine Flu in your neck of the woods? There have been lots of stories on langrenn.com about the Norwegian National Team handing out vaccines to their athletes. Too bad Rønning didn’t get that memo…

Are the USST or other clubs taking the same precautions? Are they even worried? I’ve heard about kids staying home from school here in Jackson Hole just so they won’t get infected.

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  • davord

    November 5, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks for the article Patrick. Good stuff, as always! I think it’s really nice to have a blend of US nordic news as well as international news, keeping us up to speed on what is going on. I think you guys at FS are doing a great job informing everyone on just about everything.

    On another note, I found on the Swedish website, langd.se, that one of many promising Russian athletes, Anton Gafarov (podium finisher at last years Rybinsk sprint race), is seriously sick. He acquired a unknown drug/vaccine from one of the Russian team’s doctors and could miss several months due to recovery from what they are saying ‘poisoning.’ Very scary stuff going on in Russia. The Swedes report that the doctor made a mistake, or giving him the wrong ‘potion’ and the Swedes also reported (and this really capped it off for me) that the members of the Russian national team have to obey and take anything and everything given to them by their coaches/doctors, otherwise they are kicked off the team. Wow! I just hope that their recent signing of more strict anti-doping programs which was brought up Norway and WADA clear things out in their country.

    Looking at some of the comments from readers at the skisport.ru website, it seems like the people are fed up with the doping and want to see their skiers clean and performing well, so we’ll see what happens…

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