Golden Means: Ratios for Understanding the Nordic World

Johnny KlisterNovember 2, 2009

pbThe Husaby Ratio/b Number of Times Ben does something crazy per number of skiers he inspires to take up racing     1:8/p
pbDussault Ratio: /bNumber of mentions of the almighty per news release:  1.5:1/p
pbKapala Ratio: /bNumber of athletes wrestled to the ground per number of statements of absolute certainty made per day.  1:1/p
pbAndrew Johnson Ratio: /bNumber of hours mocking Simons per hours spent training  1:1/p
pbLiz Stephen Ratio: /bNumber of skiers on the planet per number of skiers that are genuinely kind and happy.     4Million:1/p
pbZ. Caldwell Ratio: /bNumber of skis ground per number of controversial comments lobbed out just to cause a reaction.  435,000:1/p
pbRMD Ratio: /bNumber of Coaches that are fitter than their athletes compared to the rest of the country:  12:1/p
pbCat Ski Ratio: /bAmount of humor (in hours laughing) inspired to amount of fitness facilitated (in hours training):   435:1/p
pbBirkie Fever Ratio: /bTotal hours of Birkie preparation (world wide) to hours participating.  6Billion: 1/p
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Johnny Klister

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