Silver Star Day 1

FasterSkierNovember 3, 2009

When Marshall and I decided to come up here on Wednesday there was more than a foot of snow on Main Street and perfect tracks pretty much everywhere. Since then late October and early November has happened. There’s been some melting, some transforming and 16 inches has turned into about 6 or 7. But, that’s still 6 or 7 more than just about anywhere other trail system has in North America right now. So I’ll take it.

We skied at Sovereign Lakes this morning and Silver Star this afternoon. The conditions at Sovereign were significantly better than they were for the first round of Nor-Ams last year. The track is rock-hard but it was covered with a dusting of fresh snow, which made kicking pretty easy. It would have been good if someone, anyone really (we’re staying with Kuzzy and Liebsch), had brought some binder – but I guess we can buy some if it really becomes necessary.

One thing I didn’t consider when we decided to come up here was that we’re still 7 weeks away from the equinox. That’s like mid-February style sun. It packs some punch. Hopefully we won’t end up on rock skis, but even if we do I’ll be okay with it. Real skiing on November 3rd (Happy Birthday Marshall) is not a bad way to start the season.

Kuzzy took some pictures.