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Avatar Chandra CrawfordDecember 3, 2009

Welcome to my Best Buy Blog!

Best Buy has been my top sponsor for 4 years now and I’m thrilled to be representing this awesome company as I travel the World ski racing and empowering young women through sport with my organization Fast and Female (www.fastandfemale.com). I’ve been grateful for their rock solid support through the highs and lows of injury, training and racing and I hope to entertain you sportsfans a slice of the drama here on this blog.

I’m 26 and was born and raised in Canmore, Alberta, where I still live as the Canadian National Ski Team is based there. I started skiing at the age of 1 at with my parents at the Canmore Nordic Center and have been racing since I was 12. I’m stoked to keep you updated on my Olympic journey as these next few months promise to be extremely exciting for Canadians everywhere as things continue to ramp up for the home Games.

I’ve been away from home for a month already with stops in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland. I’ve procured prototype new ski boots, raced some World Cups, fought piranhas and my coach severely broke his hip. Ok, everything except the piranhas… but the way some of these hard-core Euros race my odds might be better against the omnivorous freshwater fish. Just kidding!

This week I’ll be training in Livigno, Italy and as I look out the window here at Helsinki airport I’m really looking forward to seeing the sun after 3 weeks in Northern Scandinavia. Italy is one of my favorite places to travel and over the past 10 years of ski racing internationally I’ve developed good friendships with the Italian racers and even picked up some of their beautiful language. It’s going to be a great week of training in Italy and racing in Germany on the weekend in a World Cup sprint along the Rhine river in the city of Dusseldorf. Snow is trucked in from a nearby indoor ski hill and the cheers of fans who line the course 10 deep create quite the atmosphere.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to catch up on my older news check out www.chandracrawford.ca.





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