Checking in with Alex Harvey

December 21, 20093
Alex Harvey races in Davos 15km
Alex Harvey

In 22nd place, Alex Harvey was today’s top American racer in the 30km classic race at Rogla. Taking 35th place in the sprint race yesterday, Harvey was  just 1.67 seconds out of qualifying rounds. A native of Quebec, Harvey has been racing on the Canadian National Team since 2007. 

You have had a really solid weekend of racing – are you feeling like you are coming into your race form?

 I am really happy with my shape right now. I am at a much better level than I was last year at the same time.

You weren’t far off qualifying in the sprint – what will you have to work on to get up to speed, and how will you do that in these next couple weeks?

 I was 35th in the sprint, I know I can qualify when I am in good shape. I am not going to work on any specific thing other that get into better shape, and it will come as the race season progresses.

How did you feel about today’s race:  What were conditions and skis like?  Did you get any good splits that let you know how you were doing?  Did you pace the race at all or have any other strategies?

 Today’s race was perfect. It was cold overnight but the sun was strong during the day and it made for very firm tracks and good weather. It was a mass start so I knew where I was standing at any time during the race. I was trying to ski near the front so I don’t get the ”yo-yo” effect at the back, but not to close to the front because the snow was very cold so the guys at the front were working a bit harder than those who were following. There was 3 intermediate sprint for bonus world cup points at 7.5km, 15km and 22.5km. I didn’t plan to contended in any of those 3 sprints because you loose quite a bit of energy when you put a energy burst like that during a 30km race. I was well positioned for the one at 22.5km so I decided to go for it, and once you committed, there is no turning back. I ended up winning the sprint and I grabbed 15 extra points for the world cup which is pretty nice. I had a hard time recovering from that push and paid the price in the last 2km of the race but all in all, it was well worth it for the bonus points.

What does you schedule look like from here – will you return to Canada for Christmas or stay and train?

 I am going back to Davos and I will spend Christmas there with some of the team. It will be my first time away from home for Christmas…we will see how it goes but I think I will be fine. I have a great time with my teammates and Davos is amazing. My mom will probably have a harder time than me!

What will training be like until the next races?

Next week will be pretty easy for me. It has been a great block of racing for me, I need those races to get into my best shape. Now I need a couple of days to rest and absorb all of that and then get ready for the Tour de Ski which is a big event.

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  • lsiebert

    December 21, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Not to take away from Alex Harvey, but he was the third North American in the Rogla sprint, behind Newell and Kris Freeman, who was 32nd.

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  • Aubrey Smith

    December 21, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Thanks, Isiebert

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