Kate WhitcombDecember 19, 2009

UPDATED: 6:30am – Morning run. It is WARM out there!
7:29am – Call from the coaches saying it is SO warm, we might need klister skis! 1:45 of ski testing yesterday, waxing and race preparation out the window. And so it goes. I love klister and I hope it goes there. If not today, most likely it will tomorrow.

We have heard forecasts from the teens to the forties so anything goes, here in Canmore, Alberta. Game continued…

11:11am – I start in the back, with the juniors because I don’t have any points from last year. I started 4th from last today and passed 2 girls before I even got out of the stadium. To start with – that equals not fast. Another thing that equals not fast is when you are the only one herring boning up all of the hills. I was into it but things just didn’t line up for me today.

The good news is that tomorrow we have the exact same race on the same course with the same technique. Believe me, my skis will be kicking up those hills tomorrow.

Most of the team plans to sit out the heats today since US qualification goes off of the prelim. We will all be ready for tomorrow.

Results will be HERE when they come up. I didn’t stick around to see how I or anyone on the team placed. If I know before Zone4 posts, I will do another update.

A disappointing day for me but it is done. Fuel for the fire. `kate

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Kate Whitcomb

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