Itasca Biathlon Trials

FasterSkierDecember 19, 2009

Gravestone Generator
They are not dead till they are warm and dead.
Do not believe everything you see.
The Nerve

Although it has it has warmed up from subzero temp to the low teens it is still cold out here. While some people may lose focus towards the end of a tryouts. JackedUp knows it is go time.

In 2006 a faction of MWSC and the USBA put up a gravestone in Fort Kent Maine. Marking the end of BIathlon for JackedUp. I missed that team by 3 places working full time as an Anesthesiologist and as a National Guardsman.

To seal the deal on June 26th 2006 due to a mechanical during a bike race I suffered a fractured Acetabulum and Pelvis. Was relegated to crutches for 2 months. For awhile it was questionable weather I would be able to run again yet return to a competitive level in any sport. Due to the timing of this missed a deployment to Iraq in its stead had a Sept till Dec training camp in Boston with the US Army doing an active duty stint and with CSU(Cambridge Sports Union)
After all clawed my way back so that:
In spring I returned to Fort Kent and took home 2 National Biathlon Championship medals.

Now it is the last hour of tryouts. So far shooting has been ok. Skiing speed has not been as fast as expected.

Ready to $^&^$ on that F@#$% Gravestone during the next race.


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