McCabe Fundraiser: 50% and Counting, Swix Comes up Big!

Topher SabotDecember 14, 20091

This morning we crossed the 50% mark in the Sean McCabe Memorial Fundraiser!  We had a large spike in donations following my rather vehement expression of displeasure at the initial response.

Since that article, we have had an additional 63 individual donations, totaling $3600.  It has been great to see the response – and from such a wide range of people.  Kikkan Randall posted a message of support on her blog and backed up her words by contributing.  A number of other elite skiers, both past and present have contributed as well.

But things have tailed off again.  We received 45 donations the day of the article, 11 the day after, then 4.  While over 100 people have now contributed to the cause,  that is just a tiny percent of the US ski community.  The idea has been that a small donation of $5 to $10 would be sufficient, but only if everyone contributes!  So if you have yet to pitch in, please do so.

In addition to those who have answered the call of a small donation, we also have had three gifts of $500, one of $300, and a number in the $50 to $100 range.

Swix Comes up Big

Swix Sport USA became the first (an so far only) business to make a cash donation to the cause.  Swix has commiteed $1000, the largest single donation to date.

Swix provided the following comment along with their generous donation.

“Swix Sport USA sends our utmost condolences to the McCabe family. Sean’s enthusiasm and loving support of skiing will be greatly missed, however, all of us have benefited tremendously from his infectious personality and grace. Thank you Sean.”

Thank you too to Swix for stepping up in such a significant way.  This donation shows a great commitment to the sport, and more importantly, the individual people who make it all happen.

More Info

For background info on the fundraiser and Sean McCabe, visit here.

To read my article calling out the ski community for lack of participation, visit here.

To read some clarifications, as well as additional information on the McCabe’s financial situation, including insurance and medical bill information, visit here.

To make a donation right now at,m (all fees waived) visit here.

I am again hopeful that we can get this done!  $6000 by the end of the week?  All in!

Topher Sabot

Topher Sabot is the editor of FasterSkier.

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  • ianharvey

    December 15, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    For the record Toko was contacted like Swix, initially to provide prizes for the drawing for those who contribute. We contributed $1500 of product for this purpose straight off. Here are the manufacturers who answered this call:
    Fischer -> A pair of Carbonlite Hole Skis
    Rossignol -> A pair of Delta NIS Skate Skis
    Nordic UltraTune -> 2 stonegrinds
    Sauce Headwear -> Headwear
    Toko -> 5 JetStream Powders (30g) and 5 JetStream Blocks (20g) of various colors.
    Skida -> Hats
    CXC -> Rudy Project Sunglasses, DVDs and Hats
    West Yellowstone Ski Festival -> 2 2010 November Trail Passes
    Seeley Hills Classic -> 2010 or 2011 race entry, 2009 race hat and race shirt

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