Ski-in, ski-out

Garrott KuzzyDecember 11, 2009

I’ve heard the term “ski-in, ski-out,” but never actually knew what it meant.  I just assumed it referred to the hill side condos at alpine ski areas.  It  turns out, that all of Silver Star Resort is ski-in, ski-out.  To make this possible, there is an extensive network of ski trails that connect all the condos to the village and alpine hill.

We’ve done most of our training at the Sovereign Lakes Trails, a 10 minute drive around the mountain, as that’s where we’ll be racing this weekend.  Skiing right out the back door has been pretty cool too, though.  It’s actually faster to walk the trails than it is to take the roads to get to many places in town.  Why is the mountain called Silver Star?  It’s named after the Silver Star Mining Company that owned the mountain back in 1894.  You can learn all about the history of Silver Star on their website.

On the race side of things, the temperatures are finally warming up and the sun was even out this morning.  We should have some excellent conditions for the races.  We spent this morning testing skis while Bryan, Igor, and Brandon – our stellar wax crew – tested wax.  Thanks to Toko for their shout out on this week’s Toko eBlast.  You can sign up for the weekly eBlasts here.  They’ve got some excellent resources for wax tips and race stories.

Maria Stuber shows off her ski quiver.

Maria Stuber shows off her ski quiver.

The whole crew is relaxed and ready to get after it tomorrow.  You can check out start lists, results, etc for this weekend’s races here.

Garrott Kuzzy