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FasterSkierJanuary 11, 2010

First of all, a big thanks to all the loyal FasterSkier readers who check the site regularly, and are fired up about the sport of cross-country skiing!

Over the last few months, we have taken a step forward in regards to breadth of coverage.  We have more in-depth features, and better race reporting than ever before.

Overall this is a very good thing, but it does create some issues.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the site.

1.  Use the menus at the top of the site to access sub-categories

In a big weekend there may be World Cup Cross-Country, Biathlon and Nordic Combined races, SuperTour and NorAm events, and a host of other news items.  Clicking on the Continental Cup link at the top will give you all the articles on the SuperTour and the NorAms.  The World Cup link will give you cross-country World Cup related items, and Biathlon or Nordic Combined, under the Racing menu, will list all the articles for those sports.

This is an easy way to quickly filter all the news items and be sure you don’t miss something of interest.

2. Use the blog home page, and check specific blogs

FasterSkier now has a large number of athlete and team blogs.  The box on the FS homepage only displays a maximum of two posts per blog, and only the 15 most recent posts total.  On a busy day, new posts can be pushed down quickly, and blogs like our World Cup and Continental Cup often have frequent updates.

The blog home at blogs.fasterskier.com provides a convenient listing of new blog posts with short summaries of the posts.  Additionally, new comments on blogs are listed on the left, as are all new posts, regardless of blog.

3. Subscribe to RSS feeds

The main FasterSkier site as well as the forums and each individual blog have RSS feeds.  Subscribing to these feeds is an easy way to stay on top of things.

The main FS feed is fasterskier.com/feed, and all blog and forum feeds can be accessed from their respective home pages.


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