Garrott KuzzyJanuary 17, 2010

If dogs dream in black & white, I dream in corduroy.  Another picture perfect day at Soldier Hollow.

Liz and Morgan - intimidation

Liz and Morgan – intimidation

Not much to report today.  Simply a perfect morning for a 3 hour distance ski.

Here are some other links worth checking out:

My shop, New Moon Ski & Bike,  just unveiled a new website today.  They can hook you up for all your ski and bike related needs.

If you’re burned out on skiing and snow already, check out Donovan Dums‘ blog from his fly fishing trip to New Zealand.  It’s updated daily with some nice reminders of what summer is like.

The collegiate ski season is finally underway in the East.  Check out the report from the Middlebury Ski Team in their first weekend of racing out in Lake Placid.

Garrott Kuzzy