Coaches Meetings: A Review

Johnny KlisterJanuary 25, 2010

p1. Serve food and / or drinks./p
p2. Have an agenda ahead of time. Follow it./p
p3. Don’t repeat yourself. Seriously, don’t repeat yourself./p
p4. Thank your staff. (Once.) Thank your sponsors. (Once.)/p
p5. Answer every question regardless of how obvious./p
p6. Print out copies of start lists, weather reports and course maps ahead of time./p
p7. If you need a microphone, use it./p
p8. “There’s no skiing backwards on the course.”/p
p9. Jokes (especially inside jokes with the race staff) will fall flat. Don’t make them./p
p10. The meeting should not last more than 30 minutes. 15 minutes is ideal./p

p(Got more rules:

Johnny Klister

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