Half as cool as the rest of the team

FasterSkierJanuary 30, 2010

Today I only raced 25 kilometers, which is half as far as all of my teammates, so I can’t really pretend to have any great stories. In particular, here is some trivia to describe how un-exciting and un-speedy my race was: my 25K took me more than half as long as Hannah’s 50K, so her split would have been faster than my whole race.

I was out there to survive and finish, and not get sick again. I was not “going for it” because getting sick is probably the worst thing I can imagine right now. Here’s why, presented as a trio of fun facts:

1) In the last two and a half weeks, I have gotten pummeled by 2 different head colds.

2) During that time, I took six days off.

3) My time for today’s race, 1:36, is longer than any ski I have done those two and a half weeks.

That said, I had fun!

So, congrats to all of my teammates who skied fast and gave it their all. The gym looked like a war zone after the race, with Ollie sprawled on the floor and Matt unable to open his eyes and dripping huge snot icicles. They went for it. I’m exhausted so I can’t imagine how tired they must be.

As for me, with a little luck I’ll be back to my usual self for next weekend Eastern Cups at Stowe – I can’t wait.

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