XCFeedsMy snazzy New Toshiba Satellite with crazy cool features!

Avatar Chandra CrawfordJanuary 21, 2010

As my friends at Best Buy like to say about the new laptops they are rockin’: “You spoke. We listened. Laptops with the features you asked for.”

What a great idea!

Best Buy surveyed consumers to find out the features they most want in their computing experience. Then they partnered with top laptop manufacturers to create laptops with all these requested features and the result is a Best Buy exclusive program called Blue Label.

The features on this thing are bananas. Aside from the aesthetics of the backlit keyboard and sleek blue design and weighing under 5lbs it has everything you want in a laptop. I just enjoyed my unboxing and with my first training session already done for today it’s time to wirelessly stream ski technique videos to my HDTV. Sweet!

Check it out for yourself.

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