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FasterSkierJanuary 5, 2010

So I was going to Nationals.  But then I got sick and some other stuff happened and it didn’t make sense to go anymore, so I didn’t go.  That meant I was staying here, in Craftsbury.  Then there was a trip to Canada to race that I also didn’t go on, because if I shouldn’t race in Alaska, I shouldn’t race at all.  So then for a few days everyone was gone and I was home alone.  I only felt like McCaulay Culkin a little bit.  Three things got me through this time:

1. The skiing is incredible.

2. FIFA07

3. Techno music.

This post is about the techno music.

I like lots of music.  If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know already that I like pop music.  But I also like classic rock (used to a lot, sometimes still do), soft rock, dance, trance, a lot of other stuff, and techno.

I really like techno mostly when I’m training, like in the gym or on my iPod if I want to listen to it while I train, which is not that often.  But this week, for some reason, I started listening to it everywhere I could.  It all started with Bashunter’s All I Ever Wanted but now it’s really blown up.  I’m starting to think of all sorts of techno remixes I want to hear of the other songs I already liked.  I’d say it got to it’s most extreme point when I started to make up, in my head, a remix for “8 Days a Week” by The Beatles.  I only realized how bad it had gotten when I realized I was making this thing up out loud.

So where does all that leave me?  First, I’m happy that my buddies are back.  Second, if anyone knows a good techno remix of 8 Days a Week, let me know at  My version just really isn’t that good.

I’ll leave you with my old favorite remix (besides Ignition Remix, if that counts).  You’re welcome.

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