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Swix Triac

Combining the most advanced materials and technology available today, the Swix Triac 1.0 is stiffer, stronger and lighter than any Nordic poles ever designed. The Triac technology will debut in 2010 and provide an advantage for Swix athletes competing at the Vancouver Olympic Games.

“The Swix Triac 1.0 pole is revolutionary. “It has increased my speed, improved my movement and has given me a totally new control of the pole swing. It has definitely made me a better skier”, says Petter Northug, the present leader of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup.

Swix Triac Shaft

The future is triangular

The Swix Triac 1.0 introduces many new innovations and technical improvements. The strap has increased thumb support providing 100 % power transfer to the handle and less energy loss, in addition, a new strap retention system allows better adjustments to different hand sizes.

The shaft has a new triangular shaped carbon composite construction. By using triangle geometry instead of a circle, less material is needed, and weight is saved. Improved stiffness is also achieved by orienting the corners in optimum directions, and superior strength is secured by the ultra high modulus fibers in the carbon composite.

“We have had placed a priority on reducing swing weight, placing as little weight/material as possible in the basket end of the pole. For example, the print on the pole is adding weight; consequently, there is no print on the lower end of the Swix Triac 1.0”, ”, says Lars Karlöf, the Research and Development Manager of Swix Sport.

Swix Triac basket.

No tools, no glue

The Swix Triac 1.0 introduces a new and unique basket system with 2 outstanding features.

· A no glue attachment system

· Interchangeable baskets for different snow conditions

This exchangeable basket system is a breakthrough. No tools or glue are needed. The result is a 100 % reliable connection between the basket and the shaft, and Swix utilized superlight materials to reduce weight in the critical tip section for optimum swing weight, says Karlöf.

Kris Freeman training with the Swix Triac.
Kris Freeman training with the Swix Triac.

Olympic ambition

The Swix Triac 1.0 is now available for world class cross-country skiers like Petter Northug, Lucas Bauer, Kris Freeman Kikkan Randall and Andy Newell.

Tim Burke racing with the Swix Triac during the Oberhof Herrer Sprint.
Tim Burke racing with the Swix Triac during the Oberhof Herrer Sprint.

Tim Burke used it this past weekend in his 2nd place in Oberhof. More information is available at

Swix Triac



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