Tour De Meissner ~ Classic Race and Citizen Tour

jmyers1215January 11, 2010

March 6th, 2010


The Second Edition of the Tour De Meissner will again be hosted by the Tumalo Langlauf Club at the expanded Virginia Meissner Sno-park just 15 close miles to Bend, OR.   This year’s Tour will feature a race for the competitive skier of two distances, 22k and 15k.   The course will feature awesome undulating terrain reknown for the Meissner ski area, all groomed by the recently purchased Bombardier 4000.   Following the start of the classic race,  casual skiers and families will then begin the Citizen portion of the Tour De Meissner and may choose four different distances, 22k, 15k,  10k, or 5k.   Afterwards brauts, beer and music will await the finishing skiers.  Signup forms will be posted in late January on

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