Avatar Kate WhitcombJanuary 18, 2010

My computer hard drive broke and I lost everything. Ever picture since moving to Idaho, every video, all of my music. I will chalk it up to an involuntary and early, yet probably necessary spring cleaning. It is what it is, so I won’t dwell.

I did find two images from Fast and Female on my camera, so I guess I can’t say that I don’t have ANY images left.

Kikkan (shown below with the mic and pink head-band) put together a great day of skiing for over 300 Alaskan girls! I was lucky enough to be asked to help coach for the day and played tunnel tag for 2 hours, as the Fast and Female groups rotated through my station.

Kikkan, leading a post-ski Q&A

This is what PART of the gang looked like!

My season goals have changed. I did not make the Olympics or the Canadian world cups. With my best Super Tour finish being a 5th and National finish a 7th, it seems I did not have enough time after injury to recover fitness to the level necessary to attain my original goals. All is not lost, however. I have a full marathon season ahead, a local Nordic Festival in Ketchum and the chance to get up on the alpine hill a few days in the sun.

Still one of the luckiest kids in the world,

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Kate Whitcomb

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