Voodoo Man

FasterSkierJanuary 25, 2010

Right Before I Devoured the Voodoo Man
Found this man at the 1980 timing hut on top of Algonquin Hill at the high point on Porter Mtn loop.(LakePlacid)
Was out doing a post race harder then race classic session on my favorite loop. (7x last weekend)
The VooDoo guy got revenge by making me put too much sticky stuff on my classic skis the next morning.
Question of the Week
Why doesn’t the Harry Eldridge Memorial ski race go up Harry’s Hill?
Take Home Lessons
#1 Do not put so much goop on bottom of skis
#2 Do not do races on flat courses when I can go train on real terrain. It gets in the way of training. A 3-5 hour ski on Porter Mtn loop was negated. although the race was fun.
#3 Get the race to be 3x East Mtn with Harry’s hill.
Take Home Points


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