FasterSkierJanuary 10, 2010

We’re back from Alaska, and  its sooo nice to be home!

But more importantly, we had an awesome last day at Nationals!  It was a classic sprint, and  Pepa hit the wax perfectly again.

Some of the highlights of the day, in order of occurence:

1. It was a clear day, with temps in the mid-20’s.

2. Tim qualified for the heats in 26th.

3. The sun came up.

4. Ida qualified in second!

5. I qualified in 2oth.

6. Pepa is happy!

7. Tim and I both get 4th in our quarterfinals.  But they were both close.

8. Ida wins her quarterfinal.

9. Ida qualifies for the A final.

10. IDA IS 3RD!!!! In the country!!!  It was AWESOME!!!

11. Pepa is VERY happy!

12. We fly home!

Some pictures from the day, courtesy of Ian Harvey:

ida nationals small

me nationals smaller

Tim nationals small


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