Avatar Kate WhitcombFebruary 4, 2010

Ketchum, my own bed, Idaho – I got sick a while back (right after AK) and it hung on for a while. I would feel better and ski, get sick again and rest, repeat.

As the Boulder Mountain Tour gets closer, my hometown marathon here in Ketchum, I decided to go back to the doctor one last time to get a clean bill of health and the go-ahead to race.

15 minutes, 3 prescriptions and 4 rented movies later, I am back to being horizontal. The diagnosis is not good. If you can name it, I probably have it. My doctor stopped at bronchitis, walking pneumonia and a sinus infection. No wonder I have had to drag myself out of bed after sleeping 12+ hour each night. My body has officially thrown in the towel.

The crazy part is that besides ears that hurt and sleeping a lot, I don’t feel that terrible. I am hoping to be back on my feet after all of these drugs kick into gear!

I took a horse-drawn sleigh ride to dinner last night with my Fischer rep, Brian. We almost ran over Marit Bjorgen with the horses (don’t worry, we missed her). I guess the Norwegian team is skipping the World Cups, staying put and training for Vancouver. Good luck to the gang up in Canmore!

Until I have something more positive to report, be well!

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Kate Whitcomb

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