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FasterSkierFebruary 7, 20102
Fredrik and the UNM men.
Fredrik and the UNM men.

The UNM Nordic men continued to dominate here in Red River New Mexico on the second day of their own invite, taking the top four spots in the men’s 10km freestyle race. Martin Kaas won for the second day in a row while he’s team mates followed close behind. Tor-Hakon Hellebostad took second only 0.4 seconds behind and Pierre Niess followed in third 4 seconds behind Kaas.

Maria Graefnings NEV womens winner
Maria Graefnings NEV womens winner.

In the women’s race freshmen Maria Graefnings skiing for Nevada easily won the women’s 10km freestyle race. Antje Maemple from DU took second 39 seconds behind and Kate Dolan from DU was third 50 seconds behind the Graefnings.

Today’s race saw a new race format in the RMISA circuit – a team start format. Each team started together with a 90 second interval between each team.The start order was randomly drawn at the coaches meeting the day before. Each team could use whatever tactic they saw best for their team although each skiers individual times made up the final result list. You could either work together or fight for your own time.

In the men’s race the UNM men worked very well together and sprinted it out between themselves at the finish line. The next meet for the RMISA skiers will be in California when Nevada hosts their home meet up in the Donner Pass area Feb 19-20.

Saturdays results:

Day 2 UNM Invite Nordic races

Final Nordic standings UNM Invite:

UNM 463

DU 419

MSU 404

CU 392

NEV 341

UU 296

UAA 277

UW 210

The overall win at the UNM Invite inclduing Alpine was the host UNM with 961 points, CU took second with 801 points and DU rounded out the top three with 785 points

Full results with Nordic and Alpine UNM Invite


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  • Mike Trecker

    February 8, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Wow, a team time trial format? Crazy and interesting. Innovative, creative. That would look really cool on tv at the Olympics.


    February 8, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Way to go Lobos! That team time trial format sounds interesting. It’s pretty amazing that they kept all four guys together in the men’s race.

    It should be noted that Martin Kaas is also the defending champ of the prestigious “New Mexico Cup,” which will be held at the same venue (Enchanted Forest) as the Lobo Invitational on Feb. 20 & 21.

    Congrats to Fredrik and the Lobos.

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