Kate WhitcombFebruary 28, 2010

Ketchum, ID (for a moment) – I had a ticket for the Owl Creek Chase two weeks ago (Aspen). I went in for a check-up to get cleared to race just before getting on the plane with a no-go as the verdict. Being that I have family (basically) in Colorado, I decided to make the trip regardless.

I coached, cheered and supported at xc and alpine events alike for the past two weeks with little improvement to the rumbling in my chest. I thought I was crawling out of the hole for the past few days – until this morning. Coming back to Ketchum, I have been notified of a virus that a large portion of the local population is housing. I talked to 4-weekers, 7, like myself and even heard wind of a 2-month tour of this thing. So I have something to look forward to, which is nice.

Crested Butte – Prader Cup athletes sporting new lids!

I am trying to take this downtime, not only as my body frantically waving the white flag for me to give it a break, but to find my next path. I am unsure if graduate school, work or a combo is in my future. One thing I am certain of is the need for a new location.

I heart Ketchum. I mean L-O-V-E it, for real. For the last 3 years, however I have been either sick or injured. I am taking it at face value that possibly the altitude is one too many stressors for my body to deal with. I am in search of lower ground.

Keeping warm and waiting for awards

Last week I scoped out Colorado. I was in Aspen, Carbondale, Crested Butte and Vail (all of which don’t cure the altitude issue) as well as Boulder, which is currently front-running on movable places. Today I head to Montana.

Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are eastern states that I am considering. I flirted with Oregon for a moment but was hard pressed to find adequate schooling in acceptable proximity to snow, as I want to continue to train but take a break from chasing the circuit for a few years.

Feeling mildly lost, but excited about the possibilities, I will throw it out to you guys – Any ideas?

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Kate Whitcomb

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