Highs and Lows

FasterSkierMarch 14, 2010

So I was figuring I’d wait and do a final blog post on my Estonia trip once I’d downloaded my pictures.  But unfortunately my camera was in my ski bag and I don’t think I’ll get it for at least a few more days, so I’ll give a quick update on the end of the trip sans photos.

High Points:

  • The sprint race last Saturday: it was the one really sunny day of the trip, which always makes me happy.  And I had a good race!  I missed 3 out of 10, which isn’t great, but its pretty good for me, and I came in 38th.  I skied much more consistent splits too, and I finally felt like I was beginning to figure out this whole racing-in-Europe thing.  And did I say it was sunny out?
  • Eurosport came to the weekend races. It was crazy! While we were hanging out at the hotel the morning before our race, we got to watch the boy’s races LIVE on Estonian TV! It was SO cool!
  • I had fun doing the pursuit on Sunday, even though I missed 11 shots.
  • On my last lap of the pursuit, most of the coaches from other countries had cleared off the course, since their skiers had finished.  But there were a few still out there, and this one guy yelled at me in some sort of Eastern European accent: “It is not so bad! I like, I like!”  It reminded me so much of Pepa, I just had to smile and go faster.
  • I had fun getting to meet some skiers from other countries at the bar Sunday night.
  • On my way home, I got to see the city of Stockholm, and got a free night at an airport hotel and a free gourmet dinner!
  • I made it home eventually!

Low Points:

  • I had been really psyched for the pursuit, and for being able to ski around other girls during it.  But then I missed 11 shots, which put me pretty out of the competition…
  • On the way home, my layover in Stockholm was only an hour, and my bags couldn’t be checked through because the airlines I was using didn’t have a baggage agreement.  Then my flight got in a bit late, and by the time I’d claimed my bags and found the check-in line 20 minutes before my next flight, they told me I was too late.
  • The next flight I could get was 24 hours later.  So I stayed in Stockholm for the day, which wasn’t too bad, I as noted above.
  • My flight the next morning from Stockholm was canceled. So they routed me through Copenhagen first, and then to Newark.  In Newark, my bags didn’t come and I had missed my flight to Burlington.  So I waited in lines for 4hours, then another few hours to get a later flight.
  • My bags still aren’t here.  The rifle got detained at customs in Newark, which I can’t call until Monday, and they won’t give me my ski bag until the rifle gets released.

Despite the traveling on either end though, it was a great trip!  And maybe when I finally get my bags I’ll put up some pictures.


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