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FasterSkierMarch 19, 2010

Training in the Dobiacco Stadium

Between Dobiacco and Cortina

What the heck a I doing not living here??

Awards KLL

Due to being to factors beyond our control. We were unable to attend the scheduled Tour De Ski. Of note our Board also considers the current format of to not be challenging and or tough.

Location Italian and German Dolomites
Consisted of some events then four days of Racing in two Countries. It was a six day event that comprised three days of over 40 miles of skiing.
Three trips to Prato Piazza (Includes 4mile hill climb)with an around the Mtn Tour. 15km Mass Start Dobiacco World Cup Course, Sprint Relay, 25km Patrol Race, 42 KM Konig Ludwig Lauf.
Arrive Munich Sunday mid morning acquire rental car, drive to Dobiacco Italy.
Mon am 2+ Hour Skate Dobiacco xc Area reacquaint with course for race
pm almost 4 hr Classic Ski almost to Prato Piazza MM accompanied
Tues am Nearly 3hr skate trip up the valley to previous race course MM accompanied
Wed am 15 km Mass Start Skate finished fifth overall won sprint against Italian for 5th overall
pm Classic Ski Dobiacco Stadium to Platzo Piazza just under 4 hr Great 6km uphill to PlatzoPiazza
Thurs am 4x 1km sprint relay Dobiacco Stadium finished fifth partner MM. The MM kicked Butt we were in a second pack with four guys in a pack out of reach. We had a tough fight with the Spanish team. for the first 3 laps the MM dropped about 30 ft behind the top Spanish skie r form the 15 km then, I would battle up to tag off equal for his lap. I was tired like hell from classic adventures but knew that I had to put out or hear how stupid I was skiing for mucho grande hours. On the Minnesota Machine’s last lap he managed to stay with the Spaniard giving me a shot of owning them. I took the lead going up the hill and sprinted like crazy to win (5th). We were psyched. Also I did not have to hear how stupid 6 hr day skiing days are.
Immediately following Changed to classic and skied to Platzo Piazza then continued around the mountain range crossing a xc area then back down a long valley for a 5hr adventure albeit toast.
The 2 Weiss Beers afterwards were the best beers of my life.
Fri am 25 km Patrol race carrying teammates rifle then travel to Obergammagau Germany for Konig Ludwig Lauf.
Sat am 42 km Konig Ludwig Lauf. Was starting to feel training tempo managed to finish 4th overall and take the World Medical Championships. Dinner with World Famous Ski Club then back to Munich to fly home.


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