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Avatar March 4, 20103

The 2010 Junior Olympics will take place March 8th through the 12th at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle, Maine. First race up: the classic sprint on March 8th.  The sprint trail was widened in anticipation of this event, with a successful trial of the course held in December with Eastern Cup sprint races.

Next article of discussion: the vision, birth, and trail design of these world-class trails; Morton Trail design; and the importance of homologation, plus a preview of the 5km classic and skate trails. . . . stay tuned.

The 1.2km Classic Sprint Course:

Length: 1250 m

1st climb: 21 m

2nd climb: 13 m

Course width: between 7-9 m entire course.

Number of classic tracks for race:  3 on course and 4 in finish zone.

Below is a video of the 1.2 kilometer sprint course. It will be a classic sprint, though at the time the video was taken there were no classic tracks groomed. With 10-15 inches of base snow, the course is in great shape and ready for the onslaught of eager junior racers.

(Thanks to Will Sweetzer and Seth Hubbard for the video footage)



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