SuperTour Finals Pick the Podium Results

FasterSkierMarch 28, 20102
Torin Koos edging Andy Newell in the classic sprint - a major upset, at least according to the picks in this contest.

There were 43 entries in the FasterSkier SuperTour Finals “Pick the Podium” contest.

Participants picked the top-3 in each of the SuperTour Finals races as well as the overall standings.

Points were awarded as follows:

First place in a race – 5 points

Second place in a race – 3 points

Third place in a race – 1 points

Pick the whole podium for a race and get an additional 5 points.

First place overall – 15 points

Second place overall – 10 points

Third place overall – 5 points

Pick the whole podium for the overall (men or women) and get an additional 10 points.

Only one person picked two complete podiums.  Rachel Robertson had both the men’s sprint and the men’s overall podium correct.  She was the only one to pick either of those podiums correctly, and that performance was enough to power her to a narrow 6-point victory over Craig Cardinal.  Cardinal picked the women’s overall podium and barely squeaked ahead of Jeff Alden.

Alden was one of only 2 people in the top-10 who did not get one of the two overall podiums correct.  Finishing just 3 points out of 2nd, he had the highest score before the complete podium bonuses were applied.

Robertson had 12 total spots picked correctly, out of a total of 24.  Cardinal and Alden both had 10 right.

After Alden there was a significant drop off to 4th.  There was a three-way tie for 4th between Josh Smullin, Andy Hardy, and Justin Tetlow.  All three had 64 points, 19 out of 3rd.

The tie breaker was not applied as prizes are only given to the top-3.  If the tie breaking procedure was used, Smullin and Tetlow would have tied for 4th, each picking 9 spots correctly.  Tetlow had 8.

The only finisher that no one picked was Ida Sargent placing 2nd in the mass start.  Only one person picked Lars Flora to have the 3rd best time of the day in the Hill Climb, while three picked Noah Hoffman to be 2nd in that event.  Two picked Brooke Gosling to finish 3rd in the Hill Climb, and the same number had Torin Koos finishing 3rd in the overall and 1st in the sprint.

Koos was not on many people’s radar.  Only one person had him 3rd in the mass start, and just two had Flora finishing 2nd in that race.

All other spots had at least four people correct.

Nine people picked the women’s overall podium correctly, and six had the women’s sprint right.  No other race had more than one person get the podium right.

Congratulations to the winners!  Your prizes will arrive shortly.  Thanks to everyone for taking part.

Final Standings

1 Rachel Robertson 94
2 Craig Cardinal 88
3 Jeff Alden 85
4 Josh Smullin 64
5 Justin Tetlow 64
6 Andy Hardy 64
7 Nick Maki 63
8 Branden Fontana 57
9 Kara LaPoint 55
10 Calisa Schouweiler 55
11 Rion O’Grady 55
12 William Wright 53
13 Andrew Kastning 53
14 Topher Sabot 50
15 Ian M Nesbitt 49
16 Matthew Voisin 45
17 Chad Gregg 42
18 Jefferson Tucker 42
19 Scott Hervey 41
20 Jeremy Blazar 40
21 Schyler Knopp 40
22 Steve Mangan 39
23 Evan Turner 38
24 Greta Anderson 38
25 Adam Doogan-Smith 35
26 Stephanie 35
27 Tim Gibbons 34
28 Jeff Borg 34
29 Mike Argue 34
30 Maria Stuber 32
31 Wilson Dippo 30
32 Kyle Nagle 30
33 Justin Fereshetian 30
34 Dean Romine 30
35 Zach Hudson 29
36 Cole Morgan 28
37 Alice Goodwin 26
38 Cole Morgan 25
39 Will Meyer 25
40 Hallie Grossman 25
41 George Cartwright 11
42 Jim 6
43 William Spiller 0


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  • deanerbeano

    March 29, 2010 at 12:52 am

    Cole you dirty cheater. two entries? shame.

  • JeffAlden

    March 29, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I am such a nordork

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