Czech Men 1-2 in Red Bull Nordix

FasterSkierApril 12, 20101

Czech skiers dominated the Red Bull Nordix in Davos, Switzerland.  Organizers prepared a very demanding track with a plenty of jumps and curves.  Modeled on the Olympic sport of ski-cross, the event also featured a short steep climb.

The finals were under the control of two Czechs,  Martin Koukal and Dan Maka.  The duel for the third place was between Martin Jäger and Davos local Gaudenz Flury.  In the finish local crowds was extremely happy about Flury’s third place.  Maka beat Czech national team member Koukal to take the win.

Petter Northug finished 6th after he on one of big jumps.

On the ladies side Seraina Gasparin took the victory ahead of Guri Hetland and Lucy Pichard (all SUI).

The men’s field featured a number of big names in addition to Northug and Koukal.  Tor Arne Hetland (NOR), Bjorn Lind (SWE), Robin Bryntesson (SWE), Toni Livers (SUI), Curdin Perl (SUI), and Petter Kummel (EST) all took part.

Northug lay in the snow for several minutes after his crash before completing the course, a cut on his face and a black eye to show for his efforts.

Top 10 Men

1. Daniel Maka CZE

2. Martin Koukal CZE

3. Gaudenz Flury SUI

4. Martin Jaeger SUI

5. Dusan Kozisek CZE

6. Petter jr. Northug NOR

7. Ladislav Rygl CZE

8. Robin Bryntesson SWE

9. David Hofer ITA

10. Alexandre Rousselet FRA

Top 10 Ladies

1. Selina Gasparin SUI

2. Guri Hetland NOR

3. Lucy Pichard SUI

4. Irene Cadurisch SUI

5. Carmen Emmenegger SUI

6. Julia Vontobel SUI

7. Julia Philipona SUI

8. Natalia Müller SUI

9. Tine Aagaard NOR

10. Lucija Stanisic SUI


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  • Cloxxki

    April 13, 2010 at 2:06 am

    “Petter Northug finished 6th after he on one of big jumps.”

    I seem to miss at least second verb in there, and now don’t know what happened.

    mooned the specators?
    failed to land after?

    Ah, later on you refer to his crashing. I’d like to see him pull that off on WC’s more often 🙂

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