Job Posting: Head Coach, Chelsea Nordiq Ski and Biathlon Club

Job Posting: Head Coach, Chelsea Nordiq Ski and Biathlon Club

Chelsea Nordiq a full service club located in the Gatineau Hills minutes from our nation’s capital (Ottawa, Canada).  We have offerings for skiers ages 4 to adult in both recreational and competitive streams, nordic and biathlon (9 to adult).  We are blessed with 200 km of expertly groomed trails in Gatineau Park and we benefit from being in one of the best cross training areas in Canada.  They are currently looking for a nordic head coach, who would commence duties July 1, 2010.  For further info please follow the link below.

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  • Marc Beitz

    April 19, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    The job description for this position claims that Ottawa has the largest concentration of nordic skiers in North America. Hmmm . . . the Twin Cities metropolitan area has a population of 3.5 million and over 70 high school ski programs. Who knows where they get their data, but combining numbers from various sources found on line gives Minneapolis a cross-country skiing participation rate of 9.2%. While this compares unfavorably to the 40% national participation rate in Finland, Ottawa, with a population of 1.1 million, would have to have a 29.3% participation rate to match the Twin Cities for numbers. I doubt it does. Helsinki and Oslo, both with metro area populations of around 1.4 million, may have the only nordic skier concentrations in the world larger than the Twin Cities (Stockholm is bigger at 2 million, but I discount it because of an unfavorable climate and anecdotally lower national participation rates). In fact, I suspect that urban participation rates in Finland and Norway are lower than national rates, in which case the Twin Cities might give Helsinki and Oslo a run for their money. They would have to have participation rates of 23% . . . just thinking out loud here.

    wikipedia for populations of cities…/participation-in-cross-country-skiing-in-finland-under-climate-change.pdf

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