Avatar Kate WhitcombApril 4, 2010
Brie & me with Galena at our back

Spring has always been a time for change and a time for play. My flowers (now 4 inches tall) are somehow weathering the frost and snow each night and my legs (miraculously) are still supporting me after 6 days of skiing powder. I love life and I am living it up, happily!

Kate U’s birthday cruise, Alturas Lake, ID

I still have the residue of sickness in my chest but my heart is happy and healthy! My car is still having trouble and I am flirting with sending Justy to car heaven (appropriate on this Easter Sunday). I am studying for my personal trainers certificate and look forward to regular scheduled training again soon. People in the Wood River Valley are already on their road bikes but I am sticking to the snow for now. That time will come and I can wait for it (translation: fair-weather biker).

This is Idaho. Yes please.

More regular updates to come. Happy Birthday little brother (yesterday), mom (Tuesday) and of course Go Sox!



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Kate Whitcomb

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