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BrianApril 23, 2010

The springtime in the Midwest has been beautiful.  I alway enjoy playing outside but the warm sun of spring draws you to do everything outdoors.

Get off the computer and play outside

The last few weeks I have had the chance to be at the Club everyday.  It is great to be with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club regularly.  My main goals are to get them active, preferably outside.  This spring we have enjoyed all of our favorite games and a few new ones.

Last Man Standing– A form of kickball.  The game starts with one pitcher (usually me) against everyone else.  The pitcher works to get  everyone out by tagging a base or hitting them with the ball.  When a player gets tagged out they join the outfield until there is one person left standing.

Worlds Fastest Game of Tag*- everyone is it.  If you tag someone they must freeze.  If one or more people tag each other at the same time, they both freeze.  If you tag a person who is frozen, they are unfrozen.

*I learned this game from Warren Elementary in VT.  Thanks guys, everyone really likes it.

Soccer- Right to Play donated a mini-soccer ball for every kid.  In addition to playing games, we are enjoying working on our juggling and passing skills.

Shana, Coral, and Zoe happy with their new soccer balls

Right to Play is an Organization working with volunteers and partners to use sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage.  Learn more about Right to Play and how you can help at www.RightToPlay.com

Shana found the most clues in the Treasure Hunt. She won the Right to Play Ball signed by Beckie Scott


Victor, Bahi, Joe and Koons

First Day of the 6-week Spring Run Series

Each Wednesday the Boys and Girls Club hosts the Spring Run Series.  Over the next 6 weeks the community will build from running/walking 1 mile to 5km.  It is great to see everyone out running.  The top 15 in both the short and the long run won baseball caps donated by the Madison Winter Festival.   Additionally, the winners of each race won a soccer ball signed by Olympic Gold Medalist Beckie Scott

Winner of Short Run- Steven

Winner of Long Run- Brandon

Thank You to Right to Play, Madison Winter Fest and Becky Scott for your support of the LCO Boys and Girls Club.

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